Last Saturday the 16th of March we had the pleasure of welcoming 450 Girlguides and Brownies to Viola Arena Cardiff. This is their second visit this year and every time they bring their infectious energy and plenty of fun.

Cardiff Comets have collaborated with the Cardiff Devils and Girlguiding Cymru for the last few years with these events, bringing more and more new skaters to our rink. We have built up such a great relationship that it has evolved into the Girlguides coming to watch our games. They bring such noise and excitement they are a pleasure to behold. And we love every visit as it gives us such a boost.

Commissioner Sarah-Jane  said, “ it is so important for our girls to be able to see you play and demonstrate such positive roles models for them to grow up and aspire to, they love coming to these events and absolutely love coming to watch the games.”  And we love having you all.

This Saturday was particularly special as on top of it being our 30th birthday, we also got to witness the sacred ceremony of the Brownie and Guide promise. Each one of these young ladies promise to be the best they can while helping and caring for others, while some of our Comets stood by and watched. It was very special seeing these inspiring souls begin their Guiding journeys.

To end our sessions we always have the penguin race with Sarah-Jane joining in, to the glee of all the watching guides and the loud cheers when we reach the far end. Much celebration to end another fantastic event.

However, their visit doesn’t stop there, after we say our goodbyes they get to watch the Cardiff Devils play, with their usual noise and excitement  they bring their own energy to the game. Such a fantastic day for all involved.

A huge thank you to all the Comets and staff who enjoy these events a to all those little people who have become our friends, go for it, be brave and glow your bright lights and be the best you can be.

Until next time

The Cardiff Comets.