On Sunday the Veygo Cardiff Comets met the Cambridge Kodiaks for the second time of the season. This time on home ice. The first match up had been a tough battle that ended with a 2-1 Comets win and we knew it would be another exciting match up.

Both teams came out with speed and pressure and the first goal was only 3 minutes in as Amy Cannon put away a beauty of a goal. A minute later started the first penalty of what would turn out to be a penalty heavy game for the Comets. The PK held off the Kodiaks attacks and kept up the pressure in return but tensions were high. The break came 15 minutes in when the Kodiaks scored on the PP and the first period ended in a 1-1 draw.

The second period saw more of the PK as the Comets had two more penalties called with the Kodiaks taking advantage both times. Mya Harewood found the back of the net for the Comets but seconds later the Kodiaks responded with a goal of their own. Both teams battled hard each shift but the Comets couldn't find the opportunities they needed to even up the score.

Going into the 3rd period 4-2 down was a challenge especially as forward Mya Harewood went down hard against the boards before leaving the game. The penalties came from the Kodiaks in this period but the Comets were unable to capitalise as the Kodiaks put up a strong defence.

The Player of the Game for the Comets was Amy Cannon who was always in the right place and worked hard every single moment and Spirit of the Game went to Meg Lawrence as she stayed cool and collected under the Kodiaks attacking pressure. Special mention to Mackenzie MacNamara for facing and stopping so many of the tough shots on goal from a very strong Kodiak team.

The Cardiff Comets travel away this Sunday to Chelmsford to face the Pythons again. Every game until the end of the season is now a must win for the Comets if they are to maintain their position at the top of the league!