A thrilling game against the Storm! Streatham really brought their A-game with some strong positional play keeping the Veygo Cardiff Comets on their toes from the start. Despite strong attacks from both sides the score board stayed empty until the last minute of the 1st period when Liv Taylor put the puck top shelf over the Storm goalie sending her water bottle flying!

The second period was a tough battle with the Comets fighting to extend their lead but Streatham kept the pressure up. A slashing penalty for Streatham wasn't enough to give the Comets a break through which only came in the last minute of the 2nd period when Maddie Davies scored for the Comets giving Amy Cannon her second assist of the game. At the end of the second the Comets led 2-0 and knew the 3rd period would be a challenge against Streatham who kept the intensity throughout.

The third period was when the Comets settled into their groove and brought a new ferocity to their play. A few concurrent penalties meant a period of 5 on 4 with both teams eager to take advantage. The Comets then had a penalty kill after Liv Taylor took a penalty but held off to keep the score line 2-0 to the Comets. As the game moved into the last ten minutes both teams showed their passion with Streatham playing their 1st and 2nd lines. However the Comets 3rd line rose to the challenge and pushed back against a formidable team before Maddie Davies scored with 8 minutes of play left in the game. Streatham then pulled their goalie with 3 minutes to go and gave Liv Taylor the opportunity to score an empty net goal.

With 33 shots on goal Mackenzie Macnamara kept the Comets in the game and pulled off some incredible saves. Veygo Player of the Game went to Maddie Davies for her speed and strength up and down the ice. Spirit of the Game went to Kim Bosher for her consistency and attacking prowess.

International Baccalaureate 3 stars of the Game went to:

1st star Chloe Pugh with impressive work rate and excellent positioning,

2nd Star Chloe Matthews even after a long absence a force to be reckoned with!

3rd Star Amy Cannon for her leadership and presence all over the ice.